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We're known for hosting the Metaverse Fashion Week & building venues for the Metaverse Festival. 

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Our metaverse events are carefully chosen to facilitate your transition into Web 3.0 without the burden of scouring the internet for information about Metaverse events and things to do.

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Metaverse Events Platform

Concerts & Festivals

and underground music
on your screen
through events in the metaverse
in Decentraland
and The Sandbox.

Fashion Exhibitions

Browse luxury wearables at metaverse events with established brands and exclusive artists that are establish in the Decentraland and The Sandbox communities.

Art Exhibitions

View art at events in the metaverse where world famous art houses
and web 3.0 native artists
host events
in Decentraland
& The Sandbox.

Casino & Gambling

A new play-to-earn model has been invented that is used in NFT horse racing and other casino games. Experience metaverse events for poker, roulette and black jack like never before.

Fun & Games

From play-to-earn competitions, tournaments and meetups. Join a guild and participate in the play-to-earn space or tune in to your favorite streamers live from the Metaverse event.

Education & Training

Training opportunities,
and collaborations.
Connect with industry leading thought leaders
at Metaverse events.

Dating & Friendship

A growing niche of
metaverse events
that is set
to change the face of relationships,
social life and dating.

Business & Networking

Meet people, pitch your product to investors and attend live networking events where you can meet NFT communities and their leaders through created to engage their followers.

What can you find at

You’ve definitely heard the popular buzzword “metaverse” tossed about all over the internet by now. 

We’re here to provide our service at curating the best things to do and offering a seamless solution to find metaverse events in a niche you enjoy…

To put it another way, we’re a virtual tour guide here to help users reach events in the metaverse platforms popular at the moment…like Decentraland and The Sandbox

These immersive experiences will propel the events industry towards creativity and inspiration to new heights.

Looking ahead, it is evident that NFTs will soon be integrated in the majority of live, virtual, and hybrid events.

Our Vision for Events in the metaverse

All-in-one platform

We're starting with
a simple but useful
user focused application
and will transition into offering a B2B2C model.

NFT Event ticketing

We look forward to launching a codeless NFT ticketing platform geared towards
simplifying the process for event organizers.

Send in your own events

From day 1 we are allowing users to post their own events and activities to the platform. We hope that user feedback from our early adopters will drive the development direction.

Services for event hosting

In the metaverse organizers will need support with livestreaming, land,
3D modelling architecture
and developing utility for their experiences.

Venue Rental

Like in real life, an event organizer will need to make use of existing venues and rental opportunities in popular buildings and landmarks such as Fashion street and Crypto Valley.

Show users how to log in

We've created a step-by-step guide to help users enter the metaverse in a scalable and efficient way. We use this guide as a framework for our event organizers.

Metaverse Events are projected to grow into

a trillion dollar industry

Meet people, socialize, and learn about some of the most unique and interesting developments in the evolving worlds of Decentraland, The Sandbox, NFT Worlds, Pax World, and with a new Metaverse experience popping up every day, be the first to learn about newly launched Metaverse products that are up and running.

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