Points of interest


Welcome to B.20 – A $2.7 mn public art project fromMetapurse. This estate is part of the B.20 bundlethat comprises Beeple’s iconic 1/1 everydays of

Non Fungible Art Complex

This colossal architectural project features two fifteen-story high towers linked by a glass bridge. Inside the Not Fungible Arts Complex, there’s a major NFT art

Jimmy John’s MetaSandwich shop

I’ve been in Jimmy John’s MetaSandwich shop where you can create your own sandwich by interacting with a premium meats simulator, a virtual vegetable garden

Careers fair decentraland

Careers Fair

This week I went to my very first metaverse careers fair! It’s targeted at those who are new to the industry, especially students and junior

temple trouble decentraland

Temple Trouble

This week I discovered Temple Trouble at (48,68) which is a multi-stage puzzle where you need to figure out how to complete each level to

apollo 11 decentraland

Apollo 11 Space Rocket

This week I took a trip to outer space … in the metaverse! At (-117,-50) in Decentraland you can watch the Apollo11 space rocket draw

The Hitbox

The Hitbox project is a furniture and decor showroom providing stylish decor for DCL scenes. All items in the showroom are links to free downloadable

Tokens Tower

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Live Performances

Airdrop Tower

Airdrop tower is the tallest tower in Decentraland, located on the genesis plaza.