Temple Trouble

This week I discovered Temple Trouble at (48,68) which is a multi-stage puzzle where you need to figure out how to complete each level to summon a mystical light show on the roof the the temple.

I’m not going to lie, whilst the first and second levels are pretty easy, level 3 took more attempts than I’d like to admit 😅 and level 4 was frustratingly tricky. However this is a great place to visit in Decentraland and I’d recommend doing in in dark mode for added effect.

You can imagine brands leveraging this type of fun interaction to bring users to their metaverse spaces and even offering wearable rewards for players who manage to crack all levels. We may even see escape rooms 2.0 with a move to the metaverse!

Head to (48, 68) in Decentraland to have a go and let me know how you get on!

(Credit to Tara Annison for this discovery)


Temple Trouble


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