Metaverse Venue Rental

We’re those people that you just have to call if you want an event in the metaverse organized by the best.

Like in real life, an event organizer will need to make use of existing venues and rental opportunities in popular buildings and landmarks such as Fashion street and Crypto Valley. 

Services for event hosting

We support metaverse event organizers with livestreaming, land and developing utility for their experiences.

Metaverse Events
Out Of this world

NFT tickets & wearables

We can utilize NFTs in a variety of innovative models that are unique to decentralised metaverse worlds built on the blockchain: 


  1. NFT ticketing allows our organisers to issue tickets on the blockchain that we smart contract into the property as gated access tokens.

  2. NFT Wearables come with 2 distinct purposes. They are made as high fashion items as well as promotional merchandise.  

Show users how to log in

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to help users enter the metaverse in a scalable and efficient way. We use this guide as a framework for our event organizers

Spreading positive energy in the metaverse

Here’s what we’re offering: 

  1. Venue rental 
  2. Selection add ons 
  3. Free consultation & quote


How to Book:

  1. You fill in the form and provide your details and branding information 
  2. You select a date / time for your event 
  3. You pay a 200$ fee as a deposit on the rental 


Here’s exactly what you get when you book a venue: 

  • A reserved timeslot for the dates selected 
  • A calendly meeting with our team to consult you on the logistics and how we can help you 
  • After the meeting if you are not satisfied, the fee paid beforehand is 100% fully refundable. 

Venue Videos